Experience the great nature & the soul of Thy

Agger, Denmark

TheNordicX is situated in Thy National Park.

Thy National Park covers 55 km of the north-western coast line of Denmark by the North Sea – in an area called Thy. The unique landscape – Denmark’s largest wilderness – consists of fairly unspoiled dunes, dune heaths and more than 200 lakes. Its a landscape created by the power of nature: the sea, the wind, the salt and the sand. As a response to sand drift and harsh living conditions for local people, trees have been planted in the area since 1817, creating so called dune plantations.

Thy National Park is a perfect place for plants, birds, animals and humans who enjoy a lot of space, high skies and lots of fresh air. The extent of the dune heaths in Thy, you will only find in few other places in Europe. The nomination as a national park guarantees the protection and preservation of the dunes and the dune heaths for the future. The national park contributes to visitors experiencing great nature without causing damage to the vulnerable countryside.